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Song Of The Day! Michael G Moore ‘Runaway’ : Piano driven, it gives you chills of joy and of beckoning longing.

Simply divine.

Michael G Moore

When love is the question, then possibly the man to ask would be Michael G Moore. His latest single ‘Runaway’ is a classic pop single, driven with clarity of lyrics and the crystal revelry of Michael’s gorgeous pop rock falsetto.

The song originally was written for the Chinese pop market, Michael loved it so much, he’d kept it for himself to appreciate and disseminate to his fans. The absolute pop construction, delivers in all of the right ways, that we know from the classic 70’s soft rock ballads and the formulas that are in offer in C/J/K-pop scenes. The melodic encapsulation of this piano driven ballad, presses that beckoning button for what real love could be, and what it should become. A song of highest caliber, it brings all of the best in traditions from Foster, to Bread, and from Air Supply, to the pop culture of the modern day.

Said Michael: “I love the idea that love might be a character, a separate entity that you can ask questions to or knows you better than you know yourself.”

‘Runaway’, is just gorgeous. Simply put.

The London based artist works with the likes of Chris Neil (Celine Dion, Mike Rutherford), Ed Hill (Faith Hill, Kris Kristofferson) and Mike Philips (Rizzle Kicks, Ellie Goulding).

Look for great and greater heights from Michael as he continues his quest.



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