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Song Of The Day! Michael Michael Motorcycle Shares ‘Just Don’t Mean A Thing’.

There’s nothing that could be done, really. That’s what was stuck in his head. He was looking at his hands, with the bottle of beer, half drunk, flat, and remorseless. The beer, nay, the bottle was mocking him. He then forgot that he had a task to perform. He again remembered that there wasn’t anything that could be done. He looked up, though, and saw her again. Her hair was on fire and was blazing with shimmer. She looked so pretty. He then looked back down to his bottle of half empty beer, and sulked a bit more.

The beer didn’t really taste that good either.

He was getting madder, by the minute.

“Should be with her…” he murmured.

The dance floor looked so fun. Everyone, but him, was having a night of their lives. That was his thinking. A common thought he’d always had, ever since human beings roamed the Earth.

Which was forever.

“No. I really should ask her out.”

Then unexpected, and in a twist of the Universal fabric of time, he stood, then put his green beer bottle down on the pool table’s edge.

Then he walked. Towards her. With a new and exciting future, in front of him.


This song’s kick ass. Simply that. The vocals, the back up vocals, the drums, the horns (!), makes this fun and rambuntious anthem of that possibility of toss up love and relationships, comes alive. And with the mix of folk and classic rock, makes us ‘rock on’ like bosses (even though we’re not bosses).

That’s sayin’ somethin’.

This Bay Area band has become a fave of ours, and they should be considered for your rotation as well.



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