Song Of The Day! MICHELLE BLADES Shares Intoxicatingly Alluring ‘Kiss Me On the Mouth’.

There are times when waiting for something special, becomes well worth the investment. Like the visions of a visiting comet, with its bright tail of water vapor and dust, or just like the long shimmering and passionate kiss we’d shared with our first love, we remember with every fiber of being. For we’d promise to ourselves, that we’d never forget. Never. Ever.

Song of the Day!

MICHELLE BLADES’ intoxicating single ‘Kiss Me On The Mouth’ is one of those occasions. The beckoning looks and longing bristles of her hair, to the writing angles of her demure but powerful movements, the artist succeeds in captivating our attention with ease and fulness of substance.

The intense gaze and vibe of the Mexican-Panamanian songstress, depicts bittersweet tanginess to another level. Taking into account of the frailty of mind and heart of us humans, she delves deeply with microscopic attention to detail.

Filmed in Mexico City (directed by collective Fuerza Basicas), the music video depicts Michelle of grand chic-dom. A morose and pragmatic vision into the depths of malcontent; chided by the elixir of life and the wanted outcomes of a man or woman – desperate to live and shielded from the vices.

Michelle is glamorous: In her depiction, her presentation, her vibe, and in her music. The multi-instrumentalist reveals something very much extra and extraordinary in her songs, which keeps taking us for a loop. And all of that is a delight that we always seek and find in Michelle.

Be bedeviled by Michelle’s onslaught of musical charm.

‘Kiss Me On The Mouth’ is off of the upcoming album ‘Visitor’ which drops March 29th.


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