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Song Of The Day! Million Miles Shares ‘Something Good’.

London based singer/songwriter MILLION MILES has this song called ‘Something Good’, off of her upcoming EP (November). And what you feel, is exactly what WE felt. The smooth blues radicalization of our brain chemistry is ‘something special’.

When you need a friend. You’re there.

Just like that.

When you need a lover. You’re there.

With laughter.

When you need that extra boost in the day. You skip coffee.

You’re there for me to cling to you.

This Song Of The Day! single from MM is that place in our life line, when all seems ‘fine’, even in the worst of circumstances. And when the closest to you can come through, supporting, caressing – it means a lot.

‘Something Good’ brings that good ol’ soul back into our lives.

Let it seep in.

Don’t be afraid.

MILLION MILES is there for you.

Just like that.



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