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Song Of The Day! Mirror Shot ‘Taste Invader’ : Want to be where you’d always wanted to be: happy and joyous.

Mirror Shot

Niall, Olivia, Adam, and Mikey brings brilliance in simplicity and indie-rock goodness with ‘Taste Invader’. It’s a feel-good new-wavy bop-pop that is seductive to the ears and soul. It makes you smile and want to be where you’d always wanted to be: happy and joyous.

Fresh off the back of BBC Introducing airplay and a Spotify Fresh Finds pick for their debut single, the London-based four-piece just makes a portion of your life worth feeling good about

With intertwining guitars, four-to-the-floor grooves and a restless, bouncing bassline, ‘Taste Invader’ has Mirror Shot moving forward in a newly assertive direction. It’s certainly the only indie rock single you’ll hear this month with references to the Cathar Crusade and the Japanese noise-rock underground.

According to songwriter Niall Rush: “It’s sort of an ironic ode to being a teenage muso snob. Being a dick about music as a teenager is ludicrous and embarrassing in retrospect – but it’s a kind of energy in a way, it’s an expression of interest, and it was part and parcel of my original passion for music. Writing a song in character as a puritanical anti-pop crusader then sticking a bloody cowbell halfway through it amused me, as an oxymoron.”

They wanted to play music, and share stories through the pallet of alternative guitar frames. They shared a love for similar bands, and seemed it was time to test what they had. Now with Mirror Shot maturing into this beautiful chrysalis of shimmer and heartfelt splendor, it’s easy to get excited.

Let them charm you.


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