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Song Of The Day! Mitch Bradford Shares ‘Everybody Got Someone To Love (‘Cept You and Me)’.

MITCH BRADFORD has a kind of golden touch with his music. It just exudes the kind of emotional aptitude that we all desire. The Brownsville, Texas native discovered music at a very young age, and hasn’t stopped. With a varied attraction to a wide range of musical tastes and genres, songwriting has become a passion.

With ‘Everybody Got Someone To Love’, it is a realistic look into how love can be fickle. It can test you in this lifetime. Especially if you’re looking for that perfect other – the mate to complete your set.

And this song takes a humorous, ‘what can you do’ approach to how it’s presented. Mitch’s vocals are warm and kind-hearted, and you can’t help but go on this little journey with him.

You root for the song’s protagonist.

You root for a great outcome.

You root for yourself.

With the combination of folk, country, and the blues tinged on the edges of this single, Mitch does a fabulous incantation of what true love’s round-about can be.

Hurry up, ‘Love’. We’re waiting!



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