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Song Of The Day! Molina Shares Delicious Single ‘Hey Kids’. Get Dizzy. Get With It. Love It.

Lazy days of school and summer came to pass, quickly and spread our enthusiasm for the new season, with zeal and impassioned grunts of growls, anew. You and I held hands for the new sun screens, of damned mornings, and kisses private. We were one and the same that summer. Our minds, our souls, our naked bodies of sensual touches and longings. We’d never be as happy as we were then.

Song Of The Day!

As the day ended, the bells rang, and our classes had officially ended. The summer vacation we’d hoped for and anticipated, came and was here to stay for a spell.

We looked at each other, with the happy smiles that encapsulated our individual beings. Out of home-room, we bolted out with used text books rapidly stuffed into the ruck-sacks we’d tortured into submission for many months.

The tattered books, were marked with “Jenny Loves Mark”, all strewn with ball point pen, deeply embedded, and sometimes revealing the layers of bound book paper covers. Once, twice, thrice – 10 times; our infatuated glee, over flowing in teen energies, tumbled out for the seasons’ witness.

But something changed, during the end of that summer. You changed. I changed.

Distractions came, and disturbed our ‘happy home’. You shouted “You don’t get me!”

I shuttered in confusion, “Why Mark?! What’s happened to us? Don’t you love me anymore?”

That was a summer of intent, and change. We all changed. Life went on, with tears and marks of ripped up text book pages, no longer content with “Jenny Loves Mark”.

We hadn’t been amazed with a single (a very unique single) like Molina’s ‘Hey Kids’, since our first experience with a twin sister band named ‘Tasseomancy’ (Toronto, Canada). Technically there are no similarities, but the ‘feel’ from the single from Molina is just oozing with emotion and sexual undertones. It’s something to behold and is unmistakably unique in its delivery and presentation by Molina.

It’s hot, odd, weird, and just delectable.

Can’t get enough.

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