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Song Of The Day! MOLTENO’s Single ‘Ocean’. “I Do Celestina. You Will Be The Death Of Me.”

Why do we consume ourselves, in producing chemicals to become ‘dependent’. Why do we consume ourselves, in knowing that this relationship (maybe other relationships) will not work – but will continue our efforts? Why do we love, even though the thorns of love get pricklier – sharper – and even more menacing with each step in our travel through time.

The blood letting begins with this new partnership with you.

I expect we / I will lose the liquid of animal life.

“Do you know for a fact, Allen?”

“I do Celestina. You will be the death of me.”

“You of me, as well, Allen. It goes both ways you know. The blade has double edges.”

“You will eat my heart, and leave me as the husk of a man I was – just like I was before we met.”

“So you should feel comfortable in that skin, no?”

“Don’t be mean, Celestina.”

“I know. Sorry.”

“That’s okay. So, where do we go from here?”

“Well, let’s ride it out. Just like a storm. Remember, storms bring life AND destruction,” said Celestina, as she pushed out the deeply inhaled cigarette smoke from her blood red, and beautiful lips.

The Atmospheric dream-pop extravaganza you hear is from MOLTENO. She’s just glorious in this track. With vocals close to smooth tree resin, it glows like the Amber colors, between the golden sky and our mortal terrestrial present. It will be your death. And you will like listening to MOLTENO, even if it kills you.

Watch her in the Lost In the Manor show on August 28th @ The Finsbury Pub (London) w/ Ennieloud and Arlo Parks.



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