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Song Of The Day! Monday ‘out-in’ : Subtle beauty and of existence.

Into that vibe of the daily life’s murky, emotional waters.


Monday is the recording project of songwriter Cat Falcão. The Portugal based artist is half of Golden Slumbers duo and frequent collaborator in the Portuguese folk scene.

‘out-in’ is a return from the fabulous artist, with a sight and sound that is pastel and reminiscent of aesthetics, profound. The 2nd single from her upcoming solo EP ‘Room For All’ (February 28th 2020), the colors of the shimmering facades of crumbling walls of the emotions portrayed, delightfully are strewn on the roadsides with utter fragrance and poignant bedroom-pop ambience.

Catchy hooks and pop alterations, decorated the dimensions of her single with institutional vibrance and alternative gradients of cooperative resonance.

Of ‘out-in’, Cat stated that it “comes with a video of André Tentugal and with production of the beautiful Joana Cordeiro. It was the first song I wrote for the EP, before I knew I was going to write an EP, and it was the first to be worked with Miguel Nicolau. For the video, we did several takes of this jogging and my feet were very sore in the days after…”

“A big thank you also to the wonder team who has helped me with the new songs of the EP. It’s them; Street Mission Records (aka Dani), Azáfama (aka Peter), Daniel Silva (Engineering), Nuno Monteiro (Engineering+Mix+Master) and Miguel Nicholas (production).”

The 60’s incantations and the hazy, gazy intuitions of Cat’s vocals, mix perfectly into an amalgam of subtle beauty and of existence. A tinge of what parts of our reality is all about, ‘out-in’ is of the confusion of it all, and how we do our best to absorb it the best we can.

Brings that smile back into that vibe of the daily life’s murky, emotional waters.



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