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Song Of The Day! Moon Panda Shares ‘Rabbit’. Hot And Bothered. Mind Goes Blank.

What we need is a refreshing drink from the store. What do you want? Coke? How about some ice-cream? Vanilla? Strawberry? Strawberry it is. I’m going to get that cherry ice-cream that I’d wanted for so long. I’m going to get it for myself and will never let it go. I will never share it.

Jane! You’re talking to yourself again!

“Oh sorry guys. I just can’t get enough of Moon Panda.”

Song of the Day!

MOON PANDA is made up of Maddy Myers, Gustav Moltke, George Godwin, and Alfie Webber. And this dream-psyche indie band is the bee’s knees with the kind of wafting drafts of spring breeze all throughout the single ‘Rabbit’. Maddy’s voice is a sultry siren, with undertone of ‘dread’ and ‘sexual freedom’ that is just overwhelmingly undeniable. The arrangement and progression of the single has been a fabulous experience, from start to finish.

“What do you need? No. What do you want?”


They play @ Camden Assembly on August 16th in London England.

Heck yea.



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