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Song Of The Day! MoPodna ‘Intangible (feat. Alexis Marceaux)’ : Makes you shift shoulders, cock your hips, and smile like there’s no tomorrow.


MoPodna is the think-tank for grooves and highlights. A project by Aaron Boudreaux, he teamed up with singer for Sweet Crude, Alexis Marceaux, to divvy up some tasty retro goodness in ‘Intangible’. It’s synth, 80’s and all that is dastardly distorted in our memory psyche.

From the past-future glitchy INXS-esque video production, to the hauntingly familiar vocals of Alexis, the funky town glitter production, made possible by Aaron’s distinctive vibes, make it all surreal and just so very enjoyable.

‘Intangible’ makes you shift shoulders, cock your hips, and smile like there’s no tomorrow.

Said Aaron: “The song message is simple yet powerful: it’s the things that you can’t quite put your finger on that affect you the most. Add in the (unintended) topical social distance element to “can’t be touched”, and you have yet another dimension of connection to the current state of the world.”

Heavy man. Heavy.

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hi there I’m here to say that u can crush ur enemies. i ran a 7:09 mile which is by far the fastest i’ve ever done that. i am not claiming to be a skilled runner at all, in fact it is sort of my enemy. growing up as a husky boi i finished dead last every single time we ran the mile, from K-8, like 12+ minutes probably. the douchebag cigarette smoking coach literally wouldn’t bother to continue timing me. it was soul crushing. but now it’s conquerable and it is so fulfilling. and this was also part of a longer run so there’s another victory. u can destroy the h8rs, u just have to be a crazy person and find ~any~ motivation and after a while your brain or body just says fuck it and it happens (as seen in The Last Dance). it’s not skill it’s just patience and effort i promise also i PR’d and beat Goldeneye n64 in 25m09s that is skill don’t @ me #husky

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#tbt to when we could go to bars and act a fool.

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