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Song Of The Day! Mora Mothaus ‘Memori’ : Incandescent in the splurge of gray and the dark.

From new EP ‘Overture to a Dream’.

Mora Mothaus

Calling ‘Memori’ as “the most obscure out of the EP (Overture to a Dream)”, the singularity of Mora Mothaus is defined within the lingering slivers of his single. Flight of fancy, deemed too bountiful by the town folk, it past the ridicules, and darted off into that height where they said she could not. A story that is mesmerizing, as it is apropos to many.

‘Memori’ “delves deep into the darkest, sentimental parts of the mind… “Every time one recalls something, it’s from the last time they remembered it–in other words, memories are never real, but always imagined. Memories that we take for granted are far more fragile and ephemeral than they seem, making every moment seem so meaningless yet so precious, all at once.”

Beautifully laid.

The artist, singer/songwriter, and self-proclaimed ‘shapeshifting creature’, Mora’s instinctual rally of her words to the often times vacuous intimidations in the formulation in notes, carry you off in a hinterland of diabolical and satisfactory vibes. A purple shimmer, incandescent in the splurge of gray and the dark, the off-kilter schematics, delight your side in humor, irony, and ideologically witty stance. Her melodiously sentient alcoves, show off for her audience, a glimmer of hope and wonderment, asking and begging them to see the light. Combining psychedelia, folk, alt, and shoegaze inspirations, the world’s chaos calms in the hands of Mora’s anxious and pulsing division. Sounds and glimpses, suck you in, when you never knew you could.

Mora Mothaus officially started in early 2018, and she continues to push her ire for sanctimonious musical revelries, throughout Tokyo.

Lovely indeed.

EP ‘Overture to a Dream’ is out now.



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