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Song Of The Day! Mouth Breather ‘Modern Girl’ : A remittent ambience of loss upon loss.. of a mind and heart.

Beautiful sentiments, beautiful music video.

Mouth Breather / Photo: Brian Van Wyk

“My last song of the decade is Modern Girl. I think this might be the saddest song I’ve ever released and it’s not even really that sad.”

Mouth Breather is the project Montreal based artist, Owen Hooper. And his latest single, ‘Modern Girl’ is his deepest entrance into the darkness that could be within a heart’s crevasse. A remittent ambience of loss upon loss, gathered in the summation of a mind and heart – broken till she can’t stand no more. A lasting scar of degradation and cry for help, silent in its largeness – where no one is there to witness nor empathize.

Imminent and demonically sartorial in his offering, the uber talented modern interpreter gleans with palpable attributes in human plights. Uttering for the demeaned and inferior, the gastric altruism for digesting the nuances of heartfelt nihilism, soars in each breath of this alt-folk indie-rock amalgam.

Mouth Breather is the moniker of 23 yr-old Toronto based, and he’s done it with style and grace in ‘Modern Girl’.

Beautiful sentiments roll from this single. Beautiful and fulfilling story telling art for the music video, as well.



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