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Song Of The Day! Moyka ‘Backwards’ (Video) : Emotional un-attainment. Utter synth-driven beauty.

Moyka / Photo: Isak Okkenhaug

Taken from her upcoming new EP ‘Spaces’, soaring Norwegian pop star Moyka brings emotional un-attainment to the fore front of her music, then blasts it with utter synth-driven beauty and consignment for the stars. A deep revelation that is ‘Backwards’.

With its dark vocal resting on a bed of bubbling synths, the sober ‘Backwards’ was written in a hotel room in Berlin. “This song is about all the things that can drag you back into the hurt when you really want to move on,” she says. “But I think it’s really good to talk about it, and it’s okay to be sad.” Unlike its lyrics, the music serves straight up fierceness. A classic Moyka-move, it’s a perfect sad bop pop banger.

Love, and the loss of it is the theme of the new EP Moyka has written and produced over the last months. She released the title track ‘Spaces’ earlier this month to great critical acclaim with Popjustice hailing it as “the lead track to the best EP i’ve heard in a very long time”.

The 23 year-old’s robust, synth-driven pop was full of strong but abstract feeling: co-written and co-produced with Eirik Hella, her songs plumbed the depths of the young adult mind without sentimentality. She explored what it’s like to be at a difficult age with an underlying sense of steely self-confidence. “I wanted to create a mystical universe,” she said, “where people could feel at home.”


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