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Song Of The Day! MRGR Shares ‘No Discussion w/ Chelsea Reject’.

So, how do you like this single by MRGR featuring Chelsea Reject? We kinda dig it. We think it’s fire. You? You think so too, huh? We couldn’t agree with you more.

Vodka tonic please.

As the bartender handed us 2 classes of some old style vodka mix drink, we looked at the lime on the edges of the glasses. They were freshly cut, fresh from the grocers, with the plump sacs of juice visible and tantalizingly delicious looking.

As the bar began to get a little more crowed from the happy-hour prospects, another journey towards the weekend, had sincerely begun for us.

“Tchin-tchin!” we toasted, as we sipped, talked, and enjoyed the crowd’s company and atmosphere.

When we heard MRGR’s latest single ‘No Discussion’, that scene – that happy scene came to mind. The earthy but urban dynamics of Chelsea Reject, put down the kind of cool visceral reactions in our vibes, like there was tomorrow.

The Brooklyn rapper is what you want, and then some.

The trio producers, in this fresh collaboration and project MRGR, deeply seeps into our psyche and doesn’t seem to want to leave. ‘No Discussion’ is their 3rd single off of their latest 1st EP, ‘Noisy Neighbors’, which will drop November 23rd of this year.

So, as we drink at that bar we mentioned, and as we hand you a drink of your choice, what do you think about the new single?

Thought so.

Dig it.

À votre santé!



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