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Song Of The Day! Muco ‘River Ghosts’ : Glistens with palpable sense of acceptance and relevance.


‘River Ghosts’ is a sincere effort of the heart to come to terms with death by the grand talents of an artist named Muco. He calls it tackling ‘mythology and fantasy literature’, amongst the tall grass of dreamlike aesthetics and inspired lyrical hymns and angst.

It’s simply one of the most beautiful interpretations and anticipations about a force of nature that dips its influence upon our frail human body and society, every day. From first word to the last, Muco’s sophistication and next-level poetry, glistens with palpable sense of acceptance and relevance. An expression in dire straits, calmly put to gentle task, as the soft and empathetic vocal stylings of Muco, drench the heavens, soothing while intelligently teaching our sense for the other-worldly.

The London based singer-songwriter has the arsenal to offer alternative and unique proposals of song and substantive pleasures, with ease and supple grandeur.

The most in-depth in matter, Muco shows his wares in this beautifully constructed single.

We can’t wait for what he’ll tackle next.

Listen to his previous singles ‘April’ and ‘Dream on’. All the things you want in a pop r&b alternative, and then some.


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