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Song Of The Day! MYSTERY FRIENDS Share New Single ‘Can’t Say’.

‘Can’t Say’ is a indie-R&B signature of a single from the band MYSTERY FRIENDS. It’s delicious in every way. The guitar notes are scrumptious. Abby’s vocals is smooth indie pop drizzling with magnetism. And most of all, the song is constructed with the right elements, hitting the mark perfectly and exactly. The last 1/5th of the song with Abby’s vocals supporting the guitar solo, is gold.

You can feel the ‘tragedy’ from a song like this. Meaning, the lyrics and the construction of the song helps the listener realize the contrast of a ‘lover’s relationship’ and the irony of the same kind of reflection and consequences, in turn happening to the protagonist. The karma is effectively translated and communicated.

Song of The Day!

It’s the best of the 90’s R&B pop tradition (eg. artists like Toni Braxton and Tamia, comes to mind), with the twist and turns of the modern indie-pop/rock. The method of interpretation is fabulous on its own merits, but so very compatible with the past and future contingency.

The gang in MYSTERY FRIENDS formed just in 2016 and has been putting out some great stuff. Utilizing many great facets of music from a mix of different musical genres, we think they are on their way to great and big things.

Debut EP ‘This Is Not What I Expected’ is available now.

We’re looking forward to following these talented folks for a time to come.



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