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Song Of The Day! Naomi Keyte ‘Travelling Woman’ : Beautiful, crafted, sultry. Earthy tones in various mahogany colors of a heart.

Naomi Keyte / Photo: Rosina Possingham

Naomi Keyte’s single ‘Travelling Woman’ is beautiful, crafted, sultry, and it poises the earthy tones in various mahogany colors of a heart, a soul, awaiting for love’s betterment.

“The song tells the story of loving someone perpetually on the move,” said Naomi. “It speaks to the push/pull of a relationship in transition, of lingering hope and of reckoning with the unknown.”

The gorgeous vocals of Naomi’s folk drenched lyrical attentions, are amplified in gentle ways with supporting vocals of Katie Pomery, in ‘Travelling Woman’. And with that platform, the story of a woman in a situation, within a world of confusion and inquiry, ultimately finds solace in an impending breakup, of body and deeper meanings. An acceptance in plight and circumstances, seem to dwell in the skin of the protagonist, accepting the inevitability of it all, regretfully and honestly.

Storytelling is what Naomi has always done, and with this return single, it’s apparent that her wares have been further sharpened, with an even in-depth clarity of words chosen and ability to help gather the listener’s longing and relation.

Look for even more from the Adelaide, Australia originating artist.


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