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Song Of The Day! Natalie Holmes’ New Beautiful Single ‘Vessels’ Captures Our Hearts.

Bristol UK based singer/songwriter, NATALIE HOLMES is the silent strength for those days of hardship and possible unrelenting self-degradation. She’s with you to fight through those hard times. She knows. She will then uplift you.

The depth of Natalie’s lyrics are just delicious. With the positivity and build-up created within ‘Vessels’ can’t help but get you invited to that new realm of possibilities.

And her voice. Natalie’s voice is that warm caressing hug that you’d always desired, but never knew you needed. We are, as humans, stubborn at times. We are blinded by our self-induced cloths over our mind’s eye.

The indie artist’s strength and ambition for her song and her career can be felt in her talent and the kind of outputs she’s offered her fans and future fans.

“If we could clear our heads at night
Imagine the arms that rocked us side to side
We’re up and down like sailors stuck in a storm
But we can be vessels
All on our own”
– ‘Vessels’ chorus.

‘Vessels’ is a beautiful song, from the first note.

Simple as that.

We look forward to more of Natalie, with eagerness.



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