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Song Of The Day! Natalie Jane Hill ‘Emerald Blue’ : Gorgeous folk single from the beautifully opulent lyrical heart.

Natalie Jane Hill

‘Emerald Blue’ is a gorgeous folk single from the beautifully opulent lyrical heart of Austin based artist, Natalie Jane Hill. A brooding and forbidding intransigent of lies, deceit, truths and untold remembrance, a series of words and note, never sounded so decadent and worthy of the universe. A ground shaking and earth shattering resistance, emboldens the emotional triggers, as ‘Emerald Blue’ embarks on a journey of style and fantasy.

‘Emerald Blue’ is Natalie’s is from her debut record ‘Azalea’ (out now).

From ‘Goldenrod’ to ‘An Envy Burns’ and to ‘Wild Home’, the deep depths of Natalie’s vocals, to the incisive descriptions of nature and her treks of mind, converge into a tantric exercise, redeeming of your listening ears and resonance. ‘Azalea’ is a poetic ode to the changing of seasons, along with the memories that tie into them. Folk artists like Michael Hurley, Karen Dalton, Connie Converse and Jean Ritchie are deeply influential for Natalie as a musician. She also gives infinite gratitude to Toronto-based band The Weather Station, for being a constant inspiration for her songwriting.

A trip starts with the first small step. Natalie Jane Hill’s efforts manically hold our attention, with love and affection, never diluted and always primary in genuine folk revelry.

The Central Texas native began writing songs once moving to the Blue Ridge Mountains in 2013.

Her songs are intricate, layered, and just beautiful to witness.

The results explain for themselves.


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