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Song Of The Day! NAVA ‘Hold’ : A comfort of norms. Float out into the wakes.

Nava / Artwork: Gio Pastori, Photo: Matteo Strocchia and Giulia Bellè

Nava Golchini is an Iranian singer & songwriter now based in Milan, Italy. With Francesco Fugazza, Elia Pastori and Marco Fugazza completed the project as it is now.

A comfort of norms, float out of the vocals of ‘Hold’. A meaning of invigoration, slathered on the feathery lyrics and draped in poetry, safely holds us onto the guard rails of possibilities and ruminations. A running of commissions dangle at the intuitions of the beats, all finely tethered to the chorus of infection and contemplation.

“Leave me on hold”.

A question is posed deliciously by the band, and you surrender with the knowledge of maybe the betterment that must be coming. Or not. Or maybe. A drowning of your normality, in the pebbles of sentiments.

A comfort of norms. Float out into the wakes.

Electronica, experimental and indie-rock tastes meld effortlessly in this easy-peasy viscus vibe.

Nava’s debut songs ‘Ritual’ and ‘Navigate’, released originally on Italian indie label Factory Flaws.

They are currently working on their upcoming new EP, due out this summer.


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