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Song Of The Day! Neon Islands ‘Time’ : Unadulterated piece for satisfaction and revelry.

Neon Island

With the exuberance of early The Killers and fast paced moods of The Kooks, the delectably fabulous band named Neon Islands kicks your emotional teeth in with ‘Time’. A single that is an unadulterated piece for satisfaction and revelry, the release of all of the stresses, guild into a pattern of beautifully constructed harmonies and thump.

Neon Islands is a shared shelter between four musicians from different countries who came together to craft electric and fluorescent songs, taking major influence from their indie pop/rock backgrounds. The band take the audience to a uniquely alternative resort of atmospheric keyboards, shimmery guitars and deep lyrics.

‘Time’ is a song that is of and about the ‘struggling relationship in current society’.

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“The strict routine of the life in the city prevents people to address their emotions with honesty and, at the end of the day, the best we can do is find shelter in superficial matters to protect ourselves from nostalgia. With a catchy synth line, a Smiths-infused bass line and the most honest vocal performance so far, Time is drawn in pop-rock guitar rhythms that will make everyone dance.”

Explosive and mind-bendingly entertaining, ‘Time’ pushes with sumptuous hooks and popping synth-lines, delivers in this un-obstructive and textural beauty of sights and sounds.

It’s so good. You can’t help but get up and dance.

Neon Islands is Carlos, Jamie, Sam and Nico.

See them next @ The Fighting Cocks Bar & Live Music Venue, ingston upon Thames UK January 24th.


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