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Song Of The Day! Nia Wyn ‘Atlantis’ : Special kind of talent. Sultry, powerful, lyrically diverse.

Nia Wyn

Nia Wyn is a special kind of talent. Sultry, powerful, lyrically diverse. The artist with the golden vocals, razor cut through the bullshit and gives you all of the moments you’d always wanted. We’d said of Nia once: “That’s just taking the future by the throat and saying “it’s mind to win”. We think she will. This North Wales originating artist brings the sass, with talent to boot.”

“I’m a big gamer and I got obsessed with the story of the Lost City of Atlantis through Assassin’s Creed Odyssey,” said Nia. “I was researching Plato’s story and instead of fallen power, I was imagining this idyllic heavenly place you could run to with a lover to escape being deep into a bank overdraft, pressures from family and society and social media. The myth that Atlanteans could control things like weather and time is powerful in a world where we often feel helpless.”

Said about the accompanying EP single ‘Ghosted’, she said: “I wrote this song after a friend drifted apart from me who I thought I’d built a strong relationship with. I think being ghosted is now a universal experience in some way – whether its friends or dates who drop off the face of the earth completely or only speak to you when things are going good in their life or they want something from you.“

Nia Wyn grew up in a small seaside town in North Wales. Despite breathtaking views, she found herself battling with demons relating to isolation, identity and mental health. In local junk shops she sought solace in old soul records, discovering the likes of Billie Holiday, Bob Dylan and Marvin Gaye to hip-hop artists such as Nas and Lauryn Hill.

Nia is a gem and every account of her works, confirm that to the n’th degree.

Much more is on the way. And we can’t wait.


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