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Song Of The Day! Nick Dorian Shares ‘Palisades’. “What Can Go Wrong? Nada.”

“Just sayin'” is the evil of all statements. You’d been called out. You’d been suspected. You’d been stamped with the ‘dishonesties’ that you profess in all of the pores of your body.

Song of the Day!

But you’re just irresistible.

You’re dangerous for me.

Why do you do this to me?

Don’t be cruel. I meant to call you out, just because I have zero defense against your sexiness, your beauty, your cunning, your avarice, and the way you eat the sundae in front of me.

“Can we go eat now?”

“Hands are tied” is the statement related to the way that sometimes our bodily chemicals just work in mysterious ways. And that attraction to the other is just inexplicable.

The cruelty is surmised in this little story from NICK DORIAN. Feels like first hand experience – for him, and for us at CHF. ‘Drooling’ and then ‘kicked to the curb’ can be both metaphorical and physically real. Oh that scar on our left knee from the hot cement curb in Long Island City.

Oh the memories.

Anywho, this single ‘Palisades’ is Nick. And Nick makes it fun, always. It’s the journal of your mind’s little cubby hole, you don’t wanna visit today, but she called you out. And you must.

Now go eat with her at that new restaurant. Heard the seafood is to die for.

Kudos, Nick. Kudos.



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