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Song Of The Day! NO NINJA AM I Shares ‘If You Want This to Mean Something’.

It wasn’t apparent but it wasn’t obvious either. The light around that girl was very unusual. There wasn’t any light behind her or around her, as much as he looked. He thought the other folks hanging out at the part saw it around her too. But they just seemed to have been occupied with their own thoughts. So, he shrugged and kept looking at her, deeply and longer. The glow around her never dissipated. In fact, it was becoming more intense as the minutes rolled on. He looked at his wrist watch, and saw that it was 10 after. He’d realized that he’d been glaring at her for more than 5 minutes.

Song of the day!

Why was he attracted to her enough to try to find out this weird mystery?

He had to find out. This might be the find of the century!

Putting his phone into his small company bag, he got up and tossed his boxed lunch he’d bought at Carl’s Jr in the garbage can. He walked towards her, then, sincerely said, “Pardon me. Hi…”

NO NINJA AM I is a project of Sander van Munster, and this single ‘If You Want This to Mean Something’ is a glorious piece for love. Often we fall in love without knowing that it’s happened. It’s a celebration to tell that tale for all to feel.

Kudos, Sander. Kudos.



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