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Song Of The Day! Noah Derksen Shares ‘Tennessee Lines’. “Beautiful panorama of life, and life’s small gifts.”

From the west coast of British Columbia, comes NOAH DERKSEN. His inspirations come from persona experiences that helped his heart open up and take notice. Facets of human conditions, psyches, drive his deep lyrical works with poignant and textured excellence.

Born in America, but raised in the heart of the Canadian prairies, the country/folk indie-artist progresses with ease in his songs, by taking aim at the fullness and depth of his life growing up and what life has offered up to this point.

Song fills his heart everyday, and with that battery charged, despite rain or shine, his attitude and dedication to his songwriting is paramount for him to ‘really live’ in this world. It gives flavor to his existence, as his mind wonders about the environment around him.

We’d gotten to know Noah a bit via his single ‘What Kind Of Love Is That’. We’d stated: “The single ‘What Kind oF Love Is That’ evokes the somber and introspective days and nights in the capital of his heart and soul.” It’s a gorgeous single, and we couldn’t help but think that we had a super-star whom we had the pleasure of coming across.

Now with his single ‘Tennessee Lines’, you get to feel the same excellence as Noah’s beautiful voice, guides you through to a new and wonderful wonderland of hope and grace.

“This song is about the first time I visited Nashville, Tennessee,” said Noah of ‘Tennessee Lines’, “and discovered that it’s just like any other town — people still struggle to make ends meet.”

Manitoba winters, optimism, the coastline, and the environment that has helped shape him as an adult is never forgotten. This single is from his new EP ‘America, Dreaming (Part One)’. It is the first part of the full length album to be released in 3 separate EPs in 2019.

Get to know Noah.



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