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Song Of The Day! Nolan Garrett Shares ‘Better Weather’. “Tasty, glamorous, sexy, forbidden.”

NOLAN GARRETT is a part of the Universe that we regard as a gift. The young upstart bringer of pop facets and commentary in feelings and emotions knows how to do it right. Shimmer of yard sticks, guide the guard-rails of life, with pidgin crossed look up at the world. The slam of reality is evident in the notes of Nolan’s single ‘Better Weather’, but as listeners, we just don’t care.

Nolan has been in the game for a long time and has dealt with different style and activities, as his heart deemed necessary. From blues, rock, grunge, now pop – the avid bringer of thought and compassion through his songs continues his ventures into new and exciting forays.

His maturity in age as seen his taste evolving in exploring newer and more nuanced methods of construction.

And from our POV, it’s a good thing.

Poetic, and pastel, his latest single envelopes with promise of contentment and wisps of danger, in which we welcome with adoring enthusiasm.

‘Better Weather’ hits al of the melodic accuracies, drenched in emotions, pushing aside invalidations and then casting doubts in self acknowledgement.

Breaking away from the status-quo is such work. Glad Nolan’s here to help.

The beauty of the song is just too tasty, glamorous, sexy, forbidden – to say the least.




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