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Song Of The Day! NOT A BOYS NAME Invites You To The Shindig. Shares ‘Cut It Off’.

‘Cut It Off’ is from the fabulous project named NOT A BOYS NAME which is Dave Jenkins Jr’s offering of surrealism in music form for all of us to have a joyous time to chew on. It’s that delicious home-grown anticipation from deep within, perfected to Dave’s specification and musical tastes.

Dave plays, as a musical genius would, plays ALL his instruments on ‘Cut It Off’. With help with lead guitars from Kirin J. Callinan, Beau Golden on Hammond organ and Rosie Fitzgerald (I Know Leopard) on backing vocals, the song is that piece of the puzzle, sized correctly for our little CHF hearts.

Song of the Day!

Not a love son, by any mean, this playful single is a description for a soul who’d been having a touch time in the game of life. Dave puts it: “I was having a tough time with life, love and self-worth. One day I was walking down the street and I started imagining this self-help guru yelling life affirming slogans at me like “rise above!”..”pump it up!”.. “Cut it Off!”.. that sort of thing. I started humming a bassline to my footsteps and the song was born.”

Contrasts is what NOT A BOYS NAME chooses to dance upon.

When there’s lemons, some inspiration comes his way, and he takes it. When you’re down and out, you take the over-zealous self-help guru’s advice and just see how it plays. When the sky seems a bit cloudy, Dave says, “It a good day for our little plant friends.”

From there Dave transitions into something glorious within and without his music.

His dexterous antics, and expressive story telling, comes from many years of trying and perfecting his craft. He is what he does, and when he constructs songs like ‘Cut It Off’, to us, it’s ‘Go time’!.

‘Cut It Off’ and dance!

Oh, and watch the eyes!

Dave’s a rock star.

No doubt.



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