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Song Of The Day! O-SHiN Shares A Part Of Her Heart In ‘Not How I Know Me’.

Ethereal, and assuaged in drapes of mahogany and sugar, O-SHiN, makes you cry out in earnest desire and attitude in her single ‘Not How I Know Me’. And when this dainty deliciousness, encapsulated in a Berlin based body of a runway chic producer and artist, you have the right calculations towards moving music forward.

One step forward.

Don’t trip. No tripping.

One step ahead.

O-SHiN is a different kind of ‘different’. The squire of resistance and mixed-bag of uncorked fragrances in layers of thought, the artist hits you from this and that side of the argument, never relenting in the beat and baked in nuance.

Her journey into engaging with the music within her, started as a solo artist in Holland, and spending artistic pilgrimages to Stockholm. And within that frame of mind, she found her direction and experimented with her conversations.

A light guides her ways, we believe. And when listening to her past tracks, it is evident to us that, she’s of ‘another world’ – at least in the language and dialect she chooses to use within her musical realm. Life is mirrored in thought. And her imagination for what’s vaporous, takes shape only in the heart of the eternal being that is the moniker O-SHiN, and the finality in our Universal integrations in reality.

Each prescription of sounds, hinges the folds of it all, beautifully subsiding the wonton clamoring to love, hate, desire, fate.

‘Not How I Know Me’ is that one step forward.

‘Not How I Know Me’ is that one step ahead.



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