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Song Of The Day! OBVE Shares Delicious ‘Too Much’.


OBVE’s single ‘Too Much’ is delicious. Singer/songwriter and producer out of Los Angeles, brings contemporary r&b sensibilities to a sense of decadence in this single that needs all of your attention. With modern soul, rock, and attitude for the uninitiated hearts, the artist is a hopeless romantic and we all benefit from that circumstance of life.

Song Of The Day!

Stated OBVE: “‘Too Much’ is about the unfiltered ‘word vomit’ that ensued after a night of heavy drinking and running into an ex I hadn’t seen in a long time. I still had feelings for her and never felt like we had the closure I had wanted so I spilled out all my emotions in a matter of seconds. The look on her face told me everything I needed to know. She didn’t relate to a word of what I’d said. I realized I over shared with someone who feels nothing for what we were and what we used to be.

This is the 2nd release of the newly branded OBVE (formerly Otis English) and if you don’t melt with excitement when listening to this song, we might have to get you to the morgue.

With the best in class 90’s and early 00’s r&b beautifully choreographed under OBVE’s exuberant arrangement in textures, this rainbow of surprises captures our little emotions and helps them dance till the early light.

Beautiful vibes.

Beautiful style.

A beautiful treasure for your day.

Look for more from this fab artist this year.



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