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Song Of The Day! Oddko ‘D4TM’ (Video) : Los Angeles based alternative metal exhilaration and extravaganza.


Off of EP ‘Digital Gods’, the emphatic grind of Oddko’s ‘D4TM’ re-kindles your urge for the dark and of the intrinsic. ODDKO is the brainchild of multi-talented Giovanni Bucci, who composed the music and directed the video for this exhilaration.

Said Giovanni: “‘D4TM’ was shot in September 2019, and ironically it seems to have become more relevant in our ‘post-Covid’ world. ‘D4TM’ highlights the notion that many are dependent on pharmaceuticals to function, often over-medicated and just left to their own devices. In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis we are bombarded with fear, putting many at risk to fall deeper into despair and turn to mind/mood altering drugs. With every passing day we take another step further into what eerily resembles the apocalyptic dystopian sci-fi world we see in movies. Perhaps, like in the video, the next step will be for us all to be microchipped and controlled? On the positive side, much of the world is now waking up and we have the opportunity to make decisions that are better for our own and our planet’s health.”

With all tracks feature Francesco Paoli from Fleshgod Apocalypse on drums, the irrevocable excellence of sight and sound, are cinematic explosions, that hits you hard and often. A Los Angeles based Alt-Metal goodness which surges through you like electrons, hyped up on cosmic energies.

As an art form that warrants your every attention, Giovanni’s ultimate inklings, envelopes you like the darkening skies. Exorbitant and absolute, in every way.


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