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Song Of The Day! Oddnesse Shares ‘Lover’s Calling’.

Daniel N Johnson

There’s just something about Oddnesse’s music. Unassuming and delicate when played, it tingles with the unconventional resistance and gumption. The attitude is of resolute assuredness, while it tackles the facts of the case made of motions in the contrasts in life.

The outfit takes pop anthems and makes them her’s. Slow and methodical, ‘Lover’s Calling’ beats you to a smiling pulp, as it delivers with a sentiment of a giant of industry and light. Dreams and ambiguities, converge with a thrust of introspection, oddly sudden, but perfectly apropos.

Fitted to that ‘perfection’, the duo collaboration of Rebeca Arango and Grey Goon, convexes with heated self rhetorics, which dive incessantly and procures this mass of urgency and delight. The output is sweet, tangible, and manically suitable for every kind of expectation.

A curt derision of radical exuberance takes shape and you’re perplexedly drawn.

“I was restless when I wrote this song,” recounted Rebeca. “Change was inevitable, but I was afraid to act. I imagined all sorts of destructive consequences—hurt feelings, loss of status, judgement, stability—none of them real. In avoidance, I went numb for a while. Then one night came a full moon, a new experience, a new flirtation. It was just enough of a taste, of a fuller, deeper, mountaintop connection, to remind me that I still had life in me and something better was waiting. So I stopped clinging and let the cards fall. Because no one wants to be on their death bed wondering “what if?”

Never delinquent in heady suppositions in their music, Oddnesse, is beautiful to behold in ‘Lover’s Calling’.

A none-traditional tact of that beauty, we all can love and caress.



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