Song Of The Day! Olive Louise ‘Nothing’s The Same’ : Wonderful. Wild. Sultry. And iridescent. A shimmering cascade of poise and betterment.

Olive Louise

Wonderful. Wild. Sultry. And iridescent. A shimmering cascade of poise and betterment, the anthemic single of ‘Nothing’s The Same’ comes about with fervor of the most intimate and of the most righteously private.

A grandeur of indulgent scenarios, dancing in the dark of the veils in memories, Olive Louise offers inquisitiveness and exuberance, where you’d never thought possible.

“Nothing’s The Same is a feel good song about how everything has changed in my life. It’s looking back at moments that at the time I didn’t realize I would ever feel nostalgic over. The little things like running through a field when I was a kid and what that felt like, going on a joy ride and bickering over who gets to choose the music for the first time, getting lost in a daydream because there wasn’t anything to worry about. The feeling of simpler times.”

Continued Olive: “That kiss, the sun on vacation, a specific day of laughter, getting dressed up to go somewhere, seeing a friend again after a very long time.. even our first heartbreak, the need and want for love and deep friendship that sometimes falls through, all those moments in limbo on the way to somewhere.It’s everything going on in those transitional stages that actually make us feel the most alive and connected in the world.”

With beautiful taps of possibilities, the smiles and warmth of ‘Nothing’s The Same’ delivers in a vast swath of how we’d all want to feel when tackling this big bad world.

A loving, while inducing vocal demonstration, Olive Louise’s sophistry of knowledge and whimsical seriousness, contrast in a realistic vat of purity.

A lake where which, the waters of abundance, await your entry and embrace.

Olive Louise can’t wait for you to join her in the coming times.

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