Song Of The Day! Oliver Beardmore ‘Fiesta’ : Intimacy, with an injection of love, wonder, and brilliance of scope.

Oliver Beardmore

Beautifully sullen, with a heady heartiness to the lyrics, Oliver Beardmore’s single ‘Fiesta’ is more than what you hoped for, and then some.

From a place of early Radiohead-like melancholy, the shimmering guitars remind you of something greater. Possibly of yourself. Possibly of some other. But all together in the best of light and best of times.

Space and the bumps on that journey, never felt so fulfilling and warm as ‘Fiesta’ does.

After a hiatus from the studio, Oliver now returns with the lead single from his EP which is to release in mid-2021.

Said Oliver: “When the memory of something is so beautiful and precious to someone that those emotions prevail (just about) over its absence. Hopefully that stuff is conveyed in the sonic palate – this is what the song means to me, but take what you want from it.”

Oliver’s manic visions, subtle and demure, constructs deeply into vast sums of emotive demands – happily given by the listener’s honesty to the memories that linger.

A strident and beleaguered effervescence, ‘Fiesta’ is a glimpse of what Oliver is capable of, through his music – through his passions.

Intimacy, with an injection of love, wonder, and brilliance of scope.


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