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Song Of The Day! Ora Cogan ‘Sleeping’ (Video) : A prelude to an after-thought, yearning for the past and future.

Ora Cogan

Ora Cogan is a multi-disciplinary artist and singer-songwriter based in Victoria B.C. She is known for her singular voice and cinematic compositions. While migrating between several cities and towns over the past decade, she has released seven albums and toured extensively throughout Europe and North America. Cogan has collaborated with a multitude of artists, curating Les Yeux in Montreal, Scoring Films for Beyond Boarding and songwriting with Frazey Ford.

Mysterious, odd, introspective, bright, dark – the song encompasses many edges. But one thing is certain – Ora’s talent cannot be denied.The subtle incandescence of the lyrics, mark droplets of highlights on the freshly cut grass – through that rabbit hole, into that mirrorless-looking glass – broken in rapture-esque bursts of optimism. Close your eyes. Take in the fine taste of the song and lyrics.

Ora’s vaporous vocals utters silence, as you stare in contempt and admiration. The craft, exudes in minor adjustments of the heart and physiological mind. A prelude to an after-thought, yearning for the past and future.

Ora Cogan is a tempting and virtuous exercise, in the most grand and beautiful.

Since her 2017 release, Crickets, She has performed at Le Guess Who Festival in the Netherlands, Pickathon Festival in Portland, Oregon and was personally invited by Mazzy Star to open for one of their rare performances in California.

Her new album, ‘Bells in the Ruins’, releases July 13th, on Prism Tongue Records.


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