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Song Of The Day! Oskar Nordbø ‘The Flood’ : Complex and simple; anointed and free. Truths become one with yours, soon enough.

Oskar Nordbø / Photo: Zervos

Proper strength. That is where you relate as you listen to the gumption of ‘The Flood’. A raking and torrential storm of life, drops to your vicinity. But you had to resist the decadence and obscenity of it all. The only way to settle the score was to be at peace, as the world seemed to crumble in chaos.

That’s the vibe. That’s Oskar Nordbø’s writing. That’s, ‘The Flood’.

‘The Flood’ is the title track from the latest LP (out now) by Oskar Nordbø. And as you can hear, you just can’t be, but, inspired by the chorus. A charging effervescence, of classic, psyche rock ballad, it contains the drop of Ocean that delivers the spectrum of what you are – or can be.

We’d said of Oskar’s works: “Delight in the circumstance. A revelry, within the moment. A stretched out mile of notions, perpetrated by the expectations of the foregone conclusion. He wiped his sweaty brow, as he smirked at the sight of life. What’s to come and what’s just happened. Who knows, he thought. But marched one, he shall, and there was nothing else that would stop him from doing so.”

It’s truth to Oskar’s expansive and imaginative story telling thats takes you to places, yet unknown.

Complex and simple; anointed and free – Oskar’s truths become one with yours, soon enough.


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