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Song Of The Day! Pancho and the Wizards Shares ‘Rot’ Off Of Album ‘Cemetery’.

Refreshing in all of their singles. Exciting in their presentation. Seductive in their flavor. PANCHO AND THE WIZARDS is the remedy for what ails you in the days of the doldrums and un-inspiring plots for living.

The psyche-punk outfit from San Luis Obispo, California takes it up another level in their latest mini-album ‘Cemetery’. Within it you will not find presence and evisceration of your masculinity, but just a fun and succinct attitude of notes and preponderance that get you goin’ till the cows come home.

And in this latest, as their past albums have tried and succeeded, exceeds in its aims to have fun and drive a decisive wedge between you and the forces of normal life.

We all need that kind of ‘time out’ don’t we?

‘Rot’ is the 6th single from ‘Cemetery’ and it doesn’t indicate that it is the 6th of anything. It rocks on as if it’s the title single and trudges on with frivolity and maximum acceptance to its existence. Writhing in riffs, heralded by the past, but pushing towards the future of the party, PANCHO AND THE WIZARDS dangle relativism out the window and let’s it fall to the dang grassy knoll.

Party till 2AM, will ya!

That’s why this song is our ‘Song of the Day!’.

Rock on.

The band consists now of Tristan Wildey (Guitars/Vocals), Keagan Kelly (Bass), Trenton Class (Drums/ Guitar on Dumpster Fire).



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