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Song Of The Day! Paragon Cause ‘Without You’ : From sadness and melancholy, to positivity and (new) possibilities.

Paragon Cause

Comprised of guitarist/songwriter Jay Bonaparte and vocalist/keyboardist Michelle Opthof together are Paragon Cause. And ‘Without You’ is so, so good. It’s how you want to fall in love. It’s how you were in love. Head over heels, over the moon and beyond. Out of love, and being yourself once again.

‘Without You’ is a gorgeous offering, no matter where you stand in music.

The beautiful single is part of the duo’s LP ‘What We Started’, which was produced by Sune Rose Wagner of Danish pop/alternative sensations, The Raveonettes, and you can hear the absolute gorgeous touches of empathy, in this indie-rock goodness.

Together, over an intensive and intensely collaborative session in the fall of 2019, they composed, arranged and produced an collection of 10 exceptional new songs, that highlight the magical way Paragon Cause have evolved as artists, developing a style and sound that is imbued with emotional darkness, light and plenty of shades of grey.

“We didn’t know what we were getting into and we just went with the flow. We spent 10 days recording 8 songs in my basement studio. Two weeks later he called saying ‘what are you doing for New Years?’ and he drove back from New York to Ottawa and we spent another week recording another seven songs. It was all very, very spontaneous” Jay said.

Although they have only collaborated musically for a couple of years, Jay and Michelle have developed a powerful symbiotic connection, feeding off one another’s ideas to create original songs of remarkable uniqueness and depth of meaning. “Sometimes I will come up with a guitar idea or Michelle will come up with a vocal idea or a lyric and we will sit down at the piano and jam it out. It’s very organic. It’s pretty amazing how connected we are when we’re writing music together,” said Jay. This is evidenced by the music being created alongside Sune Rose Wagner for ‘Lies Between Us’.

Euphoria in nostalgia, ‘Without You’ hits all of the right spots of a human emotion, from sadness and melancholy, to positivity and (new) possibilities. Irony and fun are gloriously amplified by the equally glorious vocals and chorus of the song, penetrating with glimpses in poetry and rousing visions of decadence.

It’s a song of strength, clarity, and mental measuredness. And its grandeur is inspiring.

Can’t get enough.

The LP is out now.


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