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Song Of The Day! PET wife ‘.G.R.E.E.N.’ : Execution of the highest order. Fresh attitudes and satisfying answers for our daily doldrums.

PET wife

PET wife is an experimental pop duo, incorporating elements of design and performance art. Their music incorporates elements of dance, soul, R&B, rock, psych, baroque, and hip hop – all while deliberating on our cortex, with depth of thought and philosophical ingredients.

Off of ‘Polychrome’, the indignant and variant swerve of PET wife is further advanced with single ‘.G.R.E.E.N.’ It is a single that is a “greed-fueled grab for autonomy”. It sees clearly and wants for growth, an organic sprawling organism that longs to separate from its deep complicated past and search for new open sunlight.

PET wife is a queer trans couple who independently produce experimental electro pop at Dirty Tailor Studios in Bushwick.

Their romance began as a creative tet-a-tet sending playlists, poems, and art back and forth, ultimately culminating in a multi disciplinary concept project incorporating elements of fashion and performance art along a musical journey.

Said the duo: “‘Polychrome’ is our first album. We started with a concept of the rainbow, the 7 colors inherent in what has come to be seen as the queer emblem, we wanted to rethink semiotic staples and loaded symbols. We were really interested in how visual matter is imbued with meaning, what we are conditioned to understand about things. This album has been about resistance and redefinition, about the process of identifying as queer, the pain and joy and power involved in learning and unlearning systems of hierarchy and oppression within our family, community, and our selves.”

Grand and exquisite, its beauty in delicately utilizing all that is fabulous offers prevailing excellence of the album and of ‘.G.R.E.E.N.’. Thee subtle attributes in art are unavoidable.

From indie tinged rock edges, to electro-pop executions of the highest order, PET wife, brings fresh attitudes and satisfying answers for our daily doldrums.


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