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Song Of The Day! Peter Campanelli ‘Urgent care’ : Nostalgic excellence and quality, puts you into a mood of love and understanding.

Peter Campanelli

‘Urgent care’ is a cut from the album ‘Armchair Psychedelia’. The album is continuous so the song starts and ends abruptly.

But when you listen to the album, you won’t stop. It’s 70’s pop rock goodness bulges within its seams, and delivers with that stylistics of Elton John, 10cc and Pat Metheny that just speak lusciously and clearly.

“‘Armchair Psychedelia’ is much like armchair psychology,” said Peter. “‘What is psychedelic’ [that in itself] is subjective and this is that. Listen from your favorite armchair for prime results.”

Raised in Saint Paul, MN and residing in Seattle, the multi-instrumentalist has been a prolific song-writer since their teenage years. With previous two label releases (Subaquatic Records) being steeped in the traditions of prog/psych and funk, Peter was writing detailed long-form suites and producing it all by their lonesome whilst honing their skills using a plethora of different instruments and recording styles. ‘Armchair Psychedelia’, out now, fits that bill.

Intricate, careful, personal and revealing, Peter’s personality of music and its purpose is withered into the soul of the album. From pop to anthem, ‘Armchair Psychedelia’ is an overachieving album, that does everything just right.

Its nostalgic excellence and quality, puts you into a mood of love and understanding.

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my new record "Armchair Psychedelia" is out now everywhere pre-order a tape @youthriotrecords web store and get a sticker of the art :+0 you can find a full video stream of the album in my bio. "Armchair Psychedelia" is like armchair psychology. you can't ever know if it's getting to the root of it. i don't like the word psychedelic because i don't think it means anything. i do like to sit in armchairs though – the plush kind with the big button as a suggestion – this record can be best experienced via your favorite armchair i should know because… (insert uninformed diagnosis) also i can't give enough praise to @6bug.bandages for creating the album art. i am often not great at describing things in a way that makes sense and i am often too vague. she took two-bit suggestions like "the cat's face should sound like a D major triad over an Ab major triad," and created a cat's face that perfectly reflected the sound (you can hear that chord in the next slide). i was blown away when i saw the finished painting. she is such a great painter, show her some love anyways thanks for reading thanks for listening hope you are well and i miss you

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