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Song Of The Day! Peter Graham ‘Save Me The Runaround’ : Gorgeous turn of events, told in the sanctity of Peter’s words, raw atmosphere in notes.

Peter Graham

Blend of concoctions in age-old truths and newly learned charms of the serrated edge of life – a pallet of stories, comes into being, as Peter Graham sings with his heart out, subtle and beautiful.

Traditional country and folk instrumentation tangle with the inevitabilities of the vibes of hopes and dreams that we can relate towards. Some blown up into smithereens. Some still taking shape. Our life stories mold and wade with the winds of the universal truths.

“Save Me The Runaround” is the third track on Peter Graham’s newest album (out now) ‘Despite Where We’ve Been’.

Peter said: “I would describe it as a series of songs without a shared story. Some are personal, some are fictional, and sometimes they are a combination of both. The songs share stories of conflict and reflections told with an underlying hope and acceptance.”

“The writing process certainly took some time but I enjoy the process of editing lyrics and song structure so that is not said begrudgingly. I also really enjoyed workshopping songs with two of my favourite songwriters; Bryce Jardine and Tim O’Reilly.”

‘Save me The Runaround’ is a gorgeous turn of events, told in the sanctity of Peter’s words and the raw atmosphere in notes.

Let this warmth and charms take hold of your days.

Accompanying Peter are Tim O’Reilly (producer, bass, vocals), Claire Coupland (vocals), Dave Gibson (drums), Nathan Gray (pedal steel), Anthony Carone (Keys) and Graeme McGillivray (electric guitar).


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