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Song Of The Day! Peter Saputo Shares ‘Stay’. “Beautiful expressions, from start to finish.”

Pour your heart out. Don’t forget where you’d been. Let’s reminisce of our belongings. Together. Hand-in-hand. Emotions, moments, and inescapable entanglement of body on body.

Singer/songwriter PETER SAPUTO returns with his latest single ‘Stay’.

“This song is about wanting someone that you’ve parted ways with to keep you close,” said Peter. “You find yourself still holding on to them, because it would feel wrong any other way.”

The soaring vocals constitute and demand, the full commitment from the listener. A straight forward ballad of longing and beckoning idea of maybe – just maybe – reconnecting with the one that got away.

“The crazy thing about this song to me is that it was one of the very first songs I tried writing and producing…it honestly wasn’t that good. I left it alone for such a long time that I actually forgot about it. Recently though, when preparing for a show, I found the song in my google drive and decided to give it another shot. I wrote some new parts to it, reconnected with it, and then added it to our setlist. The audience’s reaction to the song was honestly so beautiful that we got into the studio that week to reproduce it”

We’re a complicated species. But at the same time, at times, predictable and basic. We want someone to hold, and be held by. We want our skins to touch, reassuring our minds that we’re not alone, amongst this vast ocean of humanity.

As our hearts grow colder as we age, we want deeper meaning and warmth from the fires of the heart.

Hope we all can get there.

Peter’s single might be another great step towards that end.

Beautiful expressions, from start to finish.



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