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Song Of The Day! Phoebe Hunt & the Gatherers Shares ‘Baba Vanga’.

Phoebe Hunt & The Gatherers revealed an intimate inner journey through meditation and musical exploration.

“I see music, and art in general, as an opportunity to interpret and transmute the experiences we collectively encounter as we journey through life. Through this album, it is my hope to connect as deeply as possible with the most diverse group of people I can find. It is only when we make connections with those who we cast aside as ‘other’ that we can bridge the divide so prevalent in our current reality.”

‘Baba Vanga’ was a Bulgarian Clairvoyant and Herbalist (circa 1900) who suffered great loneliness and misfortune. Phoebe’s newest single tells the mystic’s story in the language of the blind seer’s prophecies.

And that’s when Phoebe’s songwriting shines, as she seamlessly needles a story from a far off land, then imagines from the other side of the view, melting it with the kind of endearing levity of hope and personal prosperity that she does so well.

Her loving vocals transform anything that she sings. And as it achieves such endurance, a song like ‘Baba Vanga’, is put to the test of gracious frame of Americana, dipped in the poison needle of life while encouraging the positivity that we can learn from such tragedies.

It’s a talent of Phoebe and you won’t e able to get enough of it.

The story of Baba, surfaced late one night after an all-day all-night jam session in Brooklyn that included Pheobe, her sister Stephanie and Roy Williams. Tranced and intoxicated by the jam session and compelled by her story, they felt that Baba deserved a song in her honor.

Loneliness and hardship draped Baba’s real life.

She lives again in a song, from a stranger, of time and space – learning and living for the future.



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