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Song Of The Day! PHOGG Shares ‘Three Shirts’. “Exciting. Invigorating.”

PHOGG’s ‘Three Shirts’ is a thrivin’ and dashing single that is just exciting and invigorating to listen to. Simple as that. And in the best traditions of Sweden-pop-rock the quartet from Stockholm throws up the stack of paper from the table and says ‘F*ck it’ to the world, that oddly satisfying love affair that just is a contrast of significant insignificance.

Just like life.

A mix of emotions, drown our senses, everyday of our lives. Waking up is what PHOGG wants us to do from this manic depressive assault to our demand for the ‘good’ and the ‘meaningful’. A glazed look of relevance, shadow our petulance, revealing nothing of what we can, but only slicing off the thick carcass that crust our desire to escape.

Sitting at the bar or the corner of the street, we ponder deeply at where and how we’d become.

Kissing her gentle and full lips, you look deeply in to her brown eyes, only to see your suffering of ‘normalcy’ expand.

Will a strike of a gigantic meteor unto this floating Earth, relieve your qualms?

“Hey. You awake?” she asked.

“Oh sorry. Yes. I will be.”

‘Three Shirts’ is the first single off of the band’s upcoming album ‘Mofeto: Mashine Adamkosh’.

Happiness and satisfaction is in degrees and in moments.

Let’s escape together.

Starting, hand in hand, with PHOGG’s tremendous single ‘Three Shirts’.



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