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Song Of The Day! Pikes Share ‘People In Cars’. “For hearts who seek out longings unrequited.”

Christoffer Ling is PIKES. The Sweden based artist dreams up shimmery notions for hearts who seek out longings unrequited.

‘People In Cars’ is one of those components, necessary, for that journey of self reflection to begin. And when journeys of such magnitude must, it shall never be denied from its original intent for truth. Truth is that end to a means; a promise of salvation and inner pond of strength and ignition.

“The idea began as a way of departing from an existence that was defined by rules and norms,” stated PIKES. “The music is a mixture of synthesizers from the 80s, sampled / organic drums and large orchestral soundscapes that come together in a sound that borders between pop and movie score.”

PIKES is influenced by the artists like Peter Gabriel, Frank Zappa and Kate Bush. And when you get to listen a bit more of PIKES’ offerings, the resemblance is un-noticeable, for even if his personal listening preferences dictate a certain direction, his ultimate outputs tell a different story. The innovations that happen in the crux of what PIKES offers is bigger than those influences. For they are wholly his, and when an inkling for songs sprout from such truths, a heaping wealth of refreshing notions for pop music emerges.

‘People In Cars’ is one of those examples of such tasty talents.

PIKES’ originality speaks volumes.

This single is the title track of his upcoming EP, which is due for release this Autumn.



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