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Song Of The Day! PLAY DEAD ‘Shaun’ : It’s all game, and you’re invited to the PLAY DEAD par-tay.


‘Shaun’ is the second single from south London garage punk trio, PLAY DEAD. And it simply is glorious. Following their debut, ‘Whitstable’, ‘Shaun’ shows the grittier side of PLAY DEAD while maintaining their idiosyncratic tongue-in-cheek.

“It’s a story about Ollie’s nan’s boyfriend,” stated the band for the record. “A gentle giant with a short fuse who got arrested for punching a man off his bike in Brixton. He enjoys pies, pints and Coldplay.”

In the contemporary horizon as The Chats, Amyl and The Sniffers and IDLES, the gang in PLAY DEAD, adds an air of cheekier sophistication to the mix of ingredients. With delectable vocals, righteous riffs, and bodacious solipsism of ingrate lyrical exploration – the band’s attitudes, shine bright with every single note and ardor.

The time is now for PLAY DEAD, and then some.

Growl as you’d like. Shout as you’d want. Live as you would. Love as you’d love.

It’s all game, and you’re invited to the PLAY DEAD par-tay.

Look for more from this fab band.


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