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Song Of The Day! Polly Preacher shares ‘Oh No, Oh Dear’. “Don’t Be Scared. Becomes You.”

POLLY PREACHER (Ashleagh Claire Hurren) is delectable. She’s like mini marshmallows dotting that warm and sweet hot chocolate, that melts in your mind, seeping into the nooks & crannies that you never realized you possessed. From her voice to her choice of music construction, and to the aesthetics of her song, will be absorbed quite easily by your obstructive psyche. And that’s a good thing. For, once her sugary goodness penetrates, you belong to her. Her marshmallows are spiked with jaw dropping lyrics, and understated aggressiveness.

She will trap you.

Your leg will not come out of that bear trap.

You will be hung over that living room, as a trophy – as that ‘former’ wild game.

And you’ll like it – as long as Ashleagh can treat you right. And she will.

‘Oh No, Oh Dear’ is a chant of cylindrical rebel-rousing in a pretty dainty cup you received for Christmas. You must have it in your office, and you must use it with all of the guilt baked in by your kind hearted mother – who incidentally gave you that cup.

And there’s no apologizing for liking this song.

Don’t apologize.

You like it because, well, it’s dang good.

Be proud. Be honest. Join the club.

In 2019 sometime, POLLY PREACHER will drop their newest EP ‘Mother’s Ruin’. It should be a dandy of a doozy.

Let’s look forward to it.



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