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Song Of The Day! PRE-ECHO Blows Us Apart In Their New Single ‘Well I Guess’.

Revenge is sweet. Sometimes. Well, maybe all-the-time – if you’re into that sort of thing. And there’s no doubt ‘revenge’ can take place in reality, or just privately in your mind. The heart needs to heal. The heart recalls the pain, and there has to be a resolution, of some sort.

Song of the Day!

“‘well, i guess’ is basically about the revenge in a break-up, and making someone realize that what they though would be paradise, might just be ‘regular grass’. A feel-good in-your-face break up song, on how to get over the ‘trash dude’ that has left you. “How does it feel, to have some little girl at twenty something tell you off?” – Pre-Echo.

PRE-ECHO is an alternative pop-band based in Oslo, Norway, where the members met through their studies in jazz & improvisation. And in their single ‘Well I Guess’ (off of their EP 5 track ‘Consider This’) their prowess in knowledge of what a sonic experience can be is evident.

The single’s buzzing highlight is the chorus, spearheaded by the fabulous vocals of Andrea Louise Horstad, brilliantly glistened by defining works of jazzy guitars and dreamy synths, which build and build the wave, in a seduction of unrelenting pop goodness.

The expressive music that is inherent in the band, oozes like the fairytales of old, where it velcros our memories and sensibilities for the outrageous and the lovable. P

The band consists of: Andrea Louise Horstad, Audun Haave Reknes, Torstein Slåen, Bård Jønland Berg, and Eskild Myrvoll.

PRE-ECHO rides that line between experimentation and pop mainstream, like we haven’t heard in a long time. The band’s outputs have their feet firmly three major genres, with expert reprise and influence.

And all of it is glorious.

We suggest you listen to the whole of their new EP. It’ll do you good.



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