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Song Of The Day! Psychic Void ‘Internet Human’ : About human beings and what they do.

Punk out, the way your mother wanted you to.

Psychic Void

Short. Sweet. Crunching. Psychic Void is your huckleberry, if you wanna. That is if you wanna get down and punk out with the best of them.

Tarnishing the emphasis of psyche rock and its henchmen of definitions, Psychic Void surpasses that rights of passage, and then turns the car around while drinking some freshly squeezed orange juice that they bought at the local convenience store. The owners at that convenience store were very nice people and were curious about the souped-up Camaro up front, as it gurgled and sputtered mean exhaust rhymes as the band were getting some snacks.

Anywho, the band is that nonchalance.

The band is that ‘take it as it comes, we’ll make it better’ attitude.

The band’s single ‘Internet Human’ isn’t about a convenience store, but it sure is about human beings and what they do in a certain situation in life.

We can all agree, we humans, mess things up a lot. But sometimes come out golden, none the less.

Heck yea.

Psychic Void is a 4 piece punk band from Windsor, Ontario. That’s Canada, and they’ve played shows with Show Me the Body, Glitterer, Regional Justice Center, and Urochromes.

‘Internet Human’ is from their 2nd album, ‘Skeleton Paradise’, released by a NYC punk label called Vanilla Box.

The LP is pressed on 10″ colored vinyl. Psychic Void will be touring the US in spring 2020.

Psychic Void is: Joshua Kaiser, Jesse Knight, Matthew Menard, Peter Garant.

Whoa bro. They’re good.



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