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Song Of The Day! Qveen Herby ‘Mint (Live)’ : Knows how to get us all on board.

Qveen Herby

Amy Noonan is this fabulous project named Qveen Herby. And when Qveen Herby talks, and wiggles her un-approving finger at your face. You take notice. For you think she’s the sh*t and the world will feel a bit empty without the gal with that ‘tude’ written over her face.

Well. Life is built on ironies and contrasts. And when Qveen Herby sings her flow, with tight aggression and lyrical propagations, a little somethin’ somethin’ gets seeded in your heart and you just want to have some of that vibe too.

Guess, that’s where this project lives.

From the EP, ‘6’, the single ‘Mint’ is a slow paced, but dynamically engaging word tussle that envelopes like Qveen Herby’s far off stare. The words, bounce like a tiger, accurate and bright, just as the livid connotations deliver with hypnotic jest and premonition.

The artist, sings and tags and scrapes you over your naked back, as the vibe of the song, makes you realize.

Talented, funny, serious, underrated, multi-talented, and just a pure entertainer, Qveen knows how to get us all on board.

Experience the big Qveen.


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